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Horsestar Slipper Size Chart

This chart should help you choose the right size for flip-flops or Horsestar slipper.

Compare slippers sizes to suit US and EUR sizes.


Indeed, each brand of slipper or shoes may have different sizing standards.

There will be different slippers sizes offered by Horsestar brand. We have prepared a size comparison chart for your convenience, allowing you to compare sizes using centimeters (CM) as the unit of measurement. The chart includes sizes in both US (American Linear Measure) and EUR (European Sizing). With this guide, you can effortlessly find the perfect fit of slipper for your feet.

Horsestar Slipper
Horsestar Slipper

Once everyone has tried and compared sizes, I assure you that you'll confidently find the Horsestar slipper that fit just right for your feet. !!

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